Add Colour and Dazzle!


The traditional white wedding dress will probably never lose its time-honored appeal, but more and more brides are becoming increasingly daring in their colour choices. Once upon a time, selecting a coloured bow, sash, or other accessory was the mark of a true rebel. However, in the past few years choosing entirely solid coloured dresses, or those with multiple hues, has become not only acceptable, but desirable. Yet, while a coloured dress is a wonderful way to express your individuality and personality, you may want to keep a few core concepts in mind when shopping for your dream bridal gown.

Consider matching your wedding dress colour to the season you are getting married in. Ideal colours for spring wedding dresses include light blues, purples, and pinks, while many brides getting married during the summer will often opt for darker versions of those colours. If you are being wed in the autumn, choosing hues to match the changing leaves, including gold, yellow, and orange and be quite spectacular. Winter wedding gowns are usually the most vibrant. Consider walking down the isle in rich colours including dark blue, red, or in a multi-coloured gown pairing black with white.

One of the most important factors to bear in mind is picking a colour or shade that compliments your skin tone. Lighter colour dresses effectively enhance skin tones that are medium to dark. Wedding dresses within a slightly darker colour range, including light tan, off-white, and cream, complement lighter skin tones. You should try not to select a wedding dress that prominently features a shade matching your skin tone, as this may blend in and detract from the overall visual effect. For example, if your natural skin tone is red, you would be well advised not to purchase a dress in the pink or red color family.

If for some reason a wedding dress cannot be tried on before it is ordered, make sure to hold the fabric close to your skin to ensure the colour truly flatters you. Many wedding dress stores have swatches you can use to make sure you are choosing a colour that accentuates your skin tone. But remember, if you plan to be more or less tan than you are currently on the day of your wedding, bring along a photo depicting what your future skin tone may be so the professionals at the boutique can work with you to help determine to colour that is best for you.

While the idea may seem a tad overzealous, another aspect to consider when choosing to wear a coloured wedding dress is the colour of the venue where the ceremony is to be held. The impact of this consideration can play a large factor in your gown’s overall impact. What you want are ways to contrast the colour of your wedding dress with the nuptial surroundings.

Another option to consider is sporting the same colour dress as your bridesmaids, or at least incorporating aspects of this shade into your gown.

A frenzy of colour has swept through the bridal ranks.

From seasonal choices to skin tone and location considerations, selecting a coloured wedding dress can be quite smart. Be creative, your choices are endless, and so are the options that accompany them.

White wedding dresses are no longer the only types of gowns that cut the cake.





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