Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in Whites with Leather Boots?

By Dani-elle Dubé

Photos by Jérôme Scullino / Jérôme Photography

Among the vast sea of princess brides, one woman found a way to stand out like a rock star, thanks to her fearlessness and unique sense of style.

On March 20, 2010, Veronique St. Jean wed Christian Deslauriers in a ceremony held at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec.

As the doors opened, Veronique made her way down the isle, where guests got a glimpse of a dress sure to spark conversation for years to come.

The front of the dress, cut just above the bride’s knees, revealed white leather knee-high boots decorated with white ribbon and strings of rhinestones; an unconventional choice for the typical bride. The train of the dress gracefully flowed down the aisle with levels of white tulle creating a ripple effect from hip to foot. The transparent, corset-like bodice, penciled with gold thread and white lace detail, hugged each and every curve of Veronique to reveal a sexy silhouette.

Veronique’s hair, streaked in blue and adorned with peacock feathers, stood wildly atop her head, further showcasing her personality. She carried a bouquet of white roses with pearl blue centers, decked out by more peacock feathers and greenery.”I’ve always been different in style and personality,” explains Veronique, an international accountant. “(When I was little) I didn’t have a dream dress; I only new it was to be different, and somehow short and funky!”

Knowing her ideal dress would be hard to find, Veronique sketched her vision on paper but found a dress almost identical created by Italian designer Eddy K.

“When I found it (on the internet), I contacted Marka’s Fashion in Ottawa to see if they could import it and they did.”

With a modest $3000 price tag attached, Veronique’s vision was almost complete. What could make the dress stand out even more? Boots! “I wanted tall boots. I had purchased very expensive high heel shoes in Miami, but they ended up being very uncomfortable. Since I was getting married in March, I thought boots would be much better.” After some searching, Veronique found her boots at La Maison Ogilvy, located in Canada’s fashion capital of Montreal.

Discarding all of the wedding clichés, it was inevitable Veronique would get people talking, “My friends and family loved the dress! Many said “This is definitely you Veronique!” Most people would never wear [the dress] I chose. They would tell me it was astonishing, but they would never wear it themselves.”

Veronique was not the only one turning heads at the wedding; lawyer and husband-to-be, Christian, was wearing a rather unusual suit as well. Donned in a white Dolce & Gabbana jacket with a quilted finish and black pants from Simons, the groom got his fair share of looks standing at the altar. “He decided to buy (the jacket) because it was the most stylish jacket he had ever seen. Being different himself from most people, he wanted to stand out from any other husband-to-be.”

Christian found his jacket at Bal Harbour shopping mall in Miami, Florida. It came with a price tag of $2400; money well spent and he was worth it.

With snake shoes from Amsterdam to complete the look, Christian and Veronique followed his life motto to a “t:” in the box means boring, let’s stand out! The bridesmaids were no exception. Sporting flamboyant black dress hats decorated with wispy feathers fit for a royal wedding, the ladies strutted their stuff down the aisle in turquoise and black knee-length dresses.

Once the guests realized they were not attending a traditional wedding, the feathers began to fly; and I do not mean the peacock feathers in Veronique’s hair. With shows on television like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings” that showcase one cookie cutter wedding after another, brides-to-be lose their individuality. “Our theme was completely different because every wedding we go to is always the same,” Said Veronique.

Christian had the same idea. “If we are to do this, let’s do it differently.” As Veronique was lead down the isle by their then 18-month old son and ring bearer, Emerick, the traditional wedding march was played on the electric guitar, and Veronique could hear the comments, “this is the best wedding I have ever been to!” After the ceremony, the guests made their way to the reception in the Museum while the couple was whisked away by their photographer, Jerome Scullino, to take photos. From the Byward Market to the Chateau Laurier grounds in downtown Ottawa, the couple modeled their garb for the camera as passersby tried to sneak a peak or two. Scullino, an Ottawa-based photographer, let his creativity flow with the fearless couple. “They had fun. There was no stress. All in all it was different because it was all about attitude.”

From head to toe, Jerome could see this dress was “so” Veronique. “(It) was sexy, fun, comfortable. It really fit the bride and her personality. She’s very wild, and it was wild. The boots were the accessory that made it work for her. She was really happy in it; it was a great fit for her. It was meant to be. Very Italian.”

As the photo shoot continued on, a crowd gathered to see what all the fuss was about. “We took photos with a Ferrari in the middle of the Market. We gathered quite a crowd; people thought we were shooting a movie.”

Cocktail hour was held in the Old Quebec section of the Museum until the couple arrived and made their big entrance. Once they appeared, dinner was served at Café les Muses. The head table faced the crowd and was showcased with Parliament Hill as the backdrop.

When it came time for speeches Christian, never one to shy away from being different himself, sang to Veronique. “He took singing lessons especially for that day. It took a lot of guts to sing a song in front of a lot of people, especially since he never sang before,” commented Jerome.

If Veronique and Christian could do it all over again, would they? “Absolutely!”

Sounds like the perfect day for a couple that was meant to be, but, the union almost did not happen. “We were introduced on a blind date. I kept on refusing to show up on previous occasions because I was about to return to France to continue my career. I finally accepted the invitation from our mutual friends. They thought we were meant for each other, and they were right! When I arrived at the dinner, I knew he was the one. I had to stay in Canada.”

Veronique found her soul mate in Christian that day. Taking that leap led them down the road to marriage; having a beautiful son (with another quickly on the way); and finding a best friend in one another. Who knows what the future holds for this couple, but judging by their love for life and fearless approach to everything, it can only be a fun-filled rollercoaster of a ride.

It takes a brave woman to walk to the beat of her own drum and a strong man to support her. There is no doubt Veronique and Christian’s wedding stood out from the rest. Thanks to all the ruffles, feathers, and stylish shoes, their wedding day will be engraved in people¹s minds and hearts as the one to beat.

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