How To Perfect Your Wedding Look


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The most important component of the wedding outfit is the wedding gown. All other accessories will be chosen to coordinate with and complement the gown, so it should be the first thing you buy. Many wedding gown manufacturers take more than six months to deliver a gown once it has been ordered, so make sure you begin searching early.

You can ask for recommendations or look in the yellow pages to find bridal shops in your area. Large department stores often carry wedding gowns as well. When shopping for your wedding gown you might want to bring someone along for a second opinion, but remember it’s your dress and what you like that counts.

While it helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for in a gown, don’t be afraid to try on different styles. For example, one bride was convinced she wanted a long sleeved wedding gown. In one shop the saleswoman brought dress after dress to the fitting room, but the bride was unhappy with all of them. Finally the saleswoman slipped in a sleeveless gown with braided shoulder straps and a string of faux pearls woven in among the braid. The bride fell in love with it instantly and knew she’d found the perfect dress for her.


The headpiece or veil should be chosen to complement the style of the wedding gown. There are several veil lengths to choose from. An elbow length veil is usually worn with shorter gowns. Just as the name suggests, a fingertip veil falls to the bride’s fingertips and can be worn in a semiformal or formal wedding.  A chapel veil falls to the floor, while a cathedral length veil trails the floor and is generally worn in formal weddings with a gown featuring a cathedral train.

Headpieces come in many different styles to suit both dresses and a bride’s tastes. These include headbands, tiaras, hats, flower wreaths, barrettes, bows and combs. Make sure to take the headpiece and veil with you to the hairdresser when planning your hairstyle for the big day.


Wedding shoes come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Some are elegantly simple while others are adorned with lace, ribbons, pearls or tiny rosettes. They can be flats, boots, stilettos – even wedding sneakers are available. Wedding shoes should be selected early and worn to all wedding gown fittings. This is especially important for getting the hem just right.

Not only are shoes an important component of your overall look, but they play a vital role in your comfort on the wedding day. Uncomfortable wedding shoes can make you miserable, and it’s hard to dance the night away on aching, blistered feet. Make sure the shoes feel good on your feet when you purchase them, then begin breaking them in a couple of weeks before the wedding by wearing them around the house. Don’t wear them outside, since you don’t want to chance getting them dirty.


Choose a small handbag in a color and style matching your wedding dress. You should only carry a few small, necessary items in the handbag on the day of your wedding.


Jewellery is often used to fulfill part of the tradition of wearing ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ on the wedding day. When choosing earrings, try them on with your veil to be certain they complement one another. If you’ll be sporting a contemporary gown, feel free to go with a bolder jewellery look, but if you’ll be clad in a traditional wedding gown it is best to wear classic jewellery such as gold, pearls and diamonds.


Some choose to wear white stockings or pantyhose, while others go with nude or flesh tones. If you choose white, try to match the shade to the gown as closely as possible. You never realize how many different shades of white there are until you try to match your wedding accessories. Once you find the perfect stockings, buy an extra pair so you’ll be prepared if you get a run in the first on your wedding day.


Finally, try on any girdles, bras and underpants with the wedding dress ahead of time to make sure there are no unsightly lines showing or straps peeking out. Underwear should enhance your overall look, not detract from it.

Choosing the perfect wedding outfit might seem a daunting task at first, but with careful planning and attention to detail, your wedding outfit will be everything you imagined and more.

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